Naughty Boys, Lucky Bags, and Karl’s Lovely Wig


And so the brother (he who used to love jam sandwiches more than life itself) is married. Saturday's celebratory fancy dress part-tay was a raucous, riotous and rewarding affair. Particularly for me, as I scored a magnificent triumph in the "Most Disturbing" category.

My prize was a very lovely Halloween (Un)Lucky Bag and my enthusiasm was not dampened by the knowledge that I myself had bought it earlier the same day (for 1 Euro). I'd expected it to contain amusing and mega-cheap mank but the contents actually represent serious value for money. Behold (and click to enlarge).

Halloween Lucky Bag

The jewel in the…er…bag is obviously the delightful skeleton keyring. A fitting trinket for the Día (de los Muertos) that was in it.

The prize-winning rig-outfit I'd assembled was simple, effective and deadly. An old lady frock, an old lady wig, and a giant blood-stained old lady knife. The result – that lovable ol' rogue Norman Bates dressed as his mother.

Norman Bates Fustar

The excellent (and unnerving) old lady wig was, somewhat unexpectedly, advertised as…well…something else entirely. While wig devotees will, of course, instantly recognise it as a Widmann "Karl" Party model the rest of us might benefit from some documentary evidence.

Karl Wig

What in the name of Mrs. Bates' pickled & preserved corpse is the "Karl" look supposed to capture/represent? Part Steven Seagal; Part geisha; Part The Bold and the Beautiful; All bonkers.

November 6, 2008

5 responses to Naughty Boys, Lucky Bags, and Karl’s Lovely Wig

  1. ira said:

    Glad the wedding party was a rip-roaring success.

    When you’re older — and you can use your own white hair and wrinkles to ghoulish advantage –
    you might consider costuming as this KARL :

    and also here


  2. fústar said:

    Ah. I’d forgotten about Lagerfeld.

    After Dracula & Frankenstein’s Monster he is, of course, the most obvious Halloween costume choice.

  3. ira said:

    Fústar: You might want to search for the 1959 Psycho novel by Robert Bloch when you’re in one of your bargain book shops.

    I just read the Wiki article, and the movie seems to follow the book very closely. I think you’ll appreciate how Bloch describes the shower scene (“cuts off both her scream … and her head”)

    Here’s the intriguing list of books that Bates has in his bedroom
    (was this in the movie? I don’t think so)

    P.D. Ouspensky: A New Model of the Universe and The Extension of Consciousness

    Margaret Alice Murray: The Witch-Cult in Western Europe and Dimension and Being

    translations of Joris-Karl Huysmans’s Là Bas and the Marquis de Sade’s Juliette.

    pornographic magazines

  4. ira said:

    my brain just lit up with an IDEA,
    how about a series on –>

    Favorite Books of Great Villains and Psychopaths through History

    (it sounds like your kind of thing, what d’ya think?)

    darn! I wish Bloch hadn’t been so vague regarding “pornographic magazines”, I’d like to know the EXACT issues of 1950′s porn that excited Norman (well, I’ll just have to come up independently with a list, I do like internet research projects lol)

  5. fústar said:

    Ira, In the film (as far as I recall) you get to see Norman’s bedroom but once – when Vera Miles sneaks up to check out the house. It’s a little box/attic room with kids’ toys in it and a child’s bed, isn’t it? Me thinks so. No sign of porno or De Sade volumes anywhere.

    I’d be happy to have a crack at the suggested post but it requires research! And research requires time, something I have precious little of at the moment.

    So off the cuff nonsense will have to do for now.

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