ScreenGrab Wednesday: Absolutely Grabulous…


Earlier, the brother-in-law requested "a fiendish screen grab Wednesday". So here "a fiendish screen grab Wednesday" is. 5 films. Fling your guesses at me.

#1 House of Wax (Solved by @Fearganainim, on Twitter).

#2 Creator (Almost simultaneously solved by @lexia and @Kevnmur on Twitter. They get a point each)

#3 Gorgo (Solved by Dan Smith, on Facebook).

#4 Deep End (Solved by @MissusVee, on Twitter).

#5 A Star is Born (Solved by @Fearganainim, on Twitter).

Result: @Fearganainim: 2. @MissusVee, Dan Smith, @lexia and @Kevnmur: 1.

February 29, 2012

7 responses to ScreenGrab Wednesday: Absolutely Grabulous…

  1. fústar said:

    @TheCountOfSix (on Twitter) suggests Wicker Man for #3. Nope.!/TheCountOfSix/status/174982031011364864

  2. fústar said:

    @TellyDubby on d’Twitter intriguingly suggests “Bob Quinn’s Atlantean series” for #3. No.

    She also offers Murder in the Rue Morgue for #1. Not it. But a good guess.

  3. fústar said:

    @MissusVee, on Twitter, solves #4. It’s Deep End.

  4. fústar said:

    #3 is Gorgo. Solved by Dan Smith (the brother-in-law) on Facebook.

  5. fústar said:

    #5 is A Star is Born. Solved by @Fearganainim, on Twitter.

  6. fústar said:

    #2 is Creator. Almost simultaneously solved by @lexia and On Twitter. They get a point each.

  7. fústar said:

    Finished. Tonight’s winner? With 2 points. Accept him as your superior.

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