ScreenGrab Thursday: March of the Decontextualised Images


I'm spoiling you.

Grab your disco boots. 5 films from the 1970s. Start your guessing.

#1 Chinatown (Solved by @nyderoleary, on Twitter).

#2 Carrie (Solved by @nyderoleary, on Twitter)

#3 The Sentinel (Solved by @maoiliosak, on Twitter).

#4 Impulse (Solved, astonishingly quickly, by Jason Hyde, on Facebook).

#5 Sleeper (Solved by @maoiliosak, on Twitter)

Result: @nyderoleary: 2, @maoiliosak: 2, Jason Hyde: 1. I threw this tie-break image at the joint-leaders, and then this, and then this, and then this before they got there (Dracula AD 1972), almost simultaneously. So I dare not separate them. It wouldn't be right. Let them share the film-nerd glory.

March 1, 2012

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