ScreenGrab Friday: All the World Seems Bright and Gay


5 films. Go forth and identify.

1) Spirits of the Dead (Fellini segment "Toby Dammit") (Solved by @fearganainim on the Twitter place).

2) Les Yeux sans visages (Eyes Without a Face) (Solved by @fearganainim on Twitter).

3) The Hitcher (Solved by @bettyoctopus,1 on Twitter)

4) This is Spinal Tap (Solved by Ann Byrne,2 on Facebook)

5) Escape to Victory (Solved by @fearganainim on Twitter)

Result: @Fearganainim: 3, @bettyoctopus: 1, Ann Byrne: 1. @Fearganainim wins again. Who among you can stop him? Can anyone stop him? Are we all to be doomed?! Congrats.

  1. Whoever she is… [back]
  2. The sister. [back]

March 16, 2012

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